January 2, 2020

One of the bloggers I follow shared the cutest idea and I wanted to pass it onto you guys. She does it with her boyfriend but honestly I think it’d be a cute idea to do individually too. Since we’re all still on the topic of new year new you, she was sharing how they do a yearly and quarterly goal list. At the beginning of each year they’ve gone through and jotted down in a journal their long term goals for the year, followed by quarterly short term goals every few months. The key is to not look back on the journal until coming up with the next quarter or for the yearly goals not until the end of the year. That way you’re focused on yourself and living life but not feeling obligated to do things exactly. I thought it was super cute because it gives you the flexibility to live your life day by day then toward the year mark you can go back and see how much you accomplished without even realizing you might have even written it down. Super cute and fun idea, going to work on mine later this week!


I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “ If You Want Something, You Have to Put It Out Into The Universe.” I’m a firm believer in affirmations and stating truths to clear a path for your destiny. I think if you want something bad enough and you set your mind to it, it can be achieved. With that being said I always set myself a few New Years resolutions dependent upon lessons I’ve learned the year before; so here goes nothing, universe I hope you’re listening. This is in no particular order what so ever, my manifestations for 2020 are as follows:

  1. Follow through with my career goals and figure out a plan of attack for nursing school
  2. Learn to stick to a budget, try to at least double how much money I currently have in my bank account
  3. Foster a deeper connection with my loved ones
  4. Become more independent as an adult, take on more responsibilities
  5. Find things that truly make me happy
  6. Honor mom’s memory, allow myself time to properly grief

January 1, 2020

I knew it would be a challenge to celebrate a new year without having mom with us, but it was harder on me than I expected. Just the thought of time moving forward into somewhere where she doesn’t exist was scary. I really do not know how people survive grief, how do you manage to get up everyday and have a positive outlook? I can’t imagine time making any of this easier. But that’s what they say right, time heals? I mean I know it all has to do with my own perspective and how I am seeing the situation, but to me the pain is still so fresh. I just want to be able to grow and heal, each and every day I have to find a way to remind myself I’m doing my very best.

December 21, 2019

4 days til Christmas, can you believe it? I mean are you guys even done shopping yet? I’m not, I have a few more people to go but at this point I’m really considering throwing in the towel and buying gift cards. What I did manage to do is wrap the gifts I already got and place them under the tree though, it looks real nice! Does anyone else find gift wrapping to be kind of therapeutic? With the amount of mental breakdowns I’ve been having lately it was refreshing to focus on something other than the thoughts in my head.

5 things I grateful for today are:

  1. The ability to get takeout from restaurants (that Olive Garden really hit the spot tonight)
  2. Having free time to spend with family
  3. Moments to myself
  4. The knowledge I’ve gained through past experiences
  5. Good company/conversation

Things have been challenging lately, these posts have really given me the opportunity to reflect and be more appreciative of my surroundings.

December 17, 2019

Four days into my own challenge and I already failed, I promise it was for a good reason though. Today I officially graduated college with my Bachelors Degree, one major change and six years later but all my hard work and dedication has finally paid off. As with anything else since mom passed the moment is bitter sweet, But I know she’s up in heaven celebrating too.

So back to my challenge, I’ll make it up by posting 20 things that I’m thankful for:

  1. Finally graduating College
  2. Having a support system who believe in me even when I doubt myself
  3. Having a close knit family
  4. The professors who helped me grow as a person
  5. Starbucks for helping me find my passion and paying part of my tuition
  6. Coffee for the late nights and early mornings
  7. Starbucks for all the friends I’ve made along the way
  8. All the new opportunities ahead of me
  9. All my past experiences that make me who I am today
  10. My sisters and cousin for being my cheerleaders through everything in life
  11. My parents for being my biggest role models and paving a way for my success
  12. My aunts for being my second and third mom
  13. All the amazing people in my life
  14. Mother Nature for being so gorgeous (that made for a fun Tx to Az road trip)
  15. Being able to relax and reconnect with nature
  16. The stars, moon, and planets
  17. Having the courage to follow my dreams through all the challenges I’ve faced
  18. The financial help I received from my parents throughout the entirety of my college career
  19. Graduating with zero college debt
  20. Doing something that I know makes my parents proud