December 17, 2019

Four days into my own challenge and I already failed, I promise it was for a good reason though. Today I officially graduated college with my Bachelors Degree, one major change and six years later but all my hard work and dedication has finally paid off. As with anything else since mom passed the moment is bitter sweet, But I know she’s up in heaven celebrating too.

So back to my challenge, I’ll make it up by posting 20 things that I’m thankful for:

  1. Finally graduating College
  2. Having a support system who believe in me even when I doubt myself
  3. Having a close knit family
  4. The professors who helped me grow as a person
  5. Starbucks for helping me find my passion and paying part of my tuition
  6. Coffee for the late nights and early mornings
  7. Starbucks for all the friends I’ve made along the way
  8. All the new opportunities ahead of me
  9. All my past experiences that make me who I am today
  10. My sisters and cousin for being my cheerleaders through everything in life
  11. My parents for being my biggest role models and paving a way for my success
  12. My aunts for being my second and third mom
  13. All the amazing people in my life
  14. Mother Nature for being so gorgeous (that made for a fun Tx to Az road trip)
  15. Being able to relax and reconnect with nature
  16. The stars, moon, and planets
  17. Having the courage to follow my dreams through all the challenges I’ve faced
  18. The financial help I received from my parents throughout the entirety of my college career
  19. Graduating with zero college debt
  20. Doing something that I know makes my parents proud

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